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Just This Once was released in the year 1952。Just This Once is also called as Sprecone, Kun for en nat, Falle für den Playboy, För en gångs skull

Mark MacLene owes the IRS, the banks and others a lot of money. The problem is that his trust makes $1,000,000 a year, but he spends $150,000 every month. His trustee, Sam, uses the power of attorney and the spend thrift clause to hire frugal Lucille Duncan to manage Mark's finances. Presented with thousands of dollars for gifts and charges from the night before, she immediately cancels his charge accounts and returns as many gifts as she can. Then she puts Mark on a allowance of $50 a week, which upsets him even more. To get rid of Lucy, Mark moves in with her and makes sure that her boyfriend Tom receives a huge raise. He thinks that Tom will now marry Lucy and he will be rid of her tight control.

Just This Once Actors and Actresses

Just This Once actors and actresses include Janet Leigh, Peter Lawford

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