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Kauhun kilometrit(1971) Images

Kauhun kilometrit was released in the year 1971。Kauhun kilometrit is also called as Duel, Um Assassino pelas Cos, Terror bak rattet, Pojedynek na szosie, Párbaj, Fasans kilometrar, Encurralado, Duellen, Duell, Diablo sobre ruedas

David Mann is just what his name suggests: an everyman with a mediocre job who has trouble standing up for himself. While driving through the desert to an important appointment, he passes a slow-moving, rusty tanker truck. The driver proves to have a severe case of road rage and takes offense at this action, devoting the rest of his day purely to killing Mann. The malevolent driver is never seen, giving the impression that it's the truck itself that is the agressor.

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