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Kaupunki ilman sääliä(1961) Images

Kaupunki ilman sääliä was released in the year 1961。Kaupunki ilman sääliä is also called as Town Without Pity, Ville sans pitié, Ciudad sin piedad, Città spietata, Cidade Sem Compaixão, Stadt ohne Mitleid

When four young American soldiers are accused of raping a girl from a German village near their camp, Major Steve Garrett is assigned the distasteful task of defending them. It soon becomes clear that the Army, the villagers, and even the girl's family are more interested in revenge than in the welfare of the distraught victim. Garrett is faced with the dilemma of destroying the girl on the witness stand in order to save the lives of his clients.

Kaupunki ilman sääliä Actors and Actresses

Kaupunki ilman sääliä actors and actresses include E.G. Marshall, Frank Sutton

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