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King of Thieves(2004) Images

King of Thieves was released in the year 2004。King of Thieves is also called as König der Diebe, Varkaiden kuningas, Roi des voleurs, Král zlodejov

Two amateur circus kids from a poor Ukrainian village, ten-year-old Barbu and his older sister Mimma, are sold to a circus artist called Caruso who promises them a career in the West. Caruso smuggles them to Berlin and separates them from each other. Mimma is sold to prostitution, while Barbu is taught to snatch purses together with an older Albanian boy Marcel. Barbu finds out about Mimma's fate and decides to free her from the brothel.

King of Thieves Actors and Actresses

King of Thieves actors and actresses include Axel Neumann, Birol Ünel

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