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Kings and Desperate Men(1981) Images

Kings and Desperate Men was released in the year 1981。Kings and Desperate Men is also called as Kings and Desperate Men: A Hostage Incident

On the eve of Christmas, an urbane, loutish and acidly cynical Montreal radio talk-show host (Patrick McGoohan) is taken hostage in his own studio by a band of crusading terrorists who want a new on-the-air trial of a comrade they feel was wrongly convicted. For collateral, the terrorists have also taken hostage his rich wife and mentally retarded son in their own home. The listening audience shall act as the jury and phone in their verdicts. As the trial progresses, disembodied voices, Christmas hymns, religious imagery, one of the terrorists relating the story of "The Wind in the Willows," the voice of a child singing "Come All Ye Faithful" in Latin reflect the psyche of the characters in moments of truth. All the while, the talk-show host must sustain the role of grand showman and project his wit and cavalierness to the listening audience, despite the tense situation. Captor and captive engage in a furious battle of wits.

Kings and Desperate Men Actors and Actresses

Kings and Desperate Men actors and actresses include August Schellenberg

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