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Krasnaya strela(1986) Images

Krasnaya strela was released in the year 1986。

Krasnaya strela (The Red Arrow) is the special train No.1 between Leningrad and Moscow. The film is set in the 1980's during perestroika in the Soviet Union. Kropotov (Lavrov) is an old style executive of a big industrial company in Leningrad. He is working hard on a major order from the Soviet Government; building an automated assembly line. But his style of management clashes with his subordinates, talented engineers. Their potential is strangled by Kropotov's control. The government order is not accomplished and Kropotov gets fired. He is rethinking his outdated business style while on the train No.1 to Moscow.

Krasnaya strela Actors and Actresses

Krasnaya strela actors and actresses include Kirill Lavrov

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