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Kriminal eksperten was released in the year 1933。Kriminal eksperten is also called as Penthouse, Verbrecher im Frack, Crooks in Clover, Caso dell'avv. Durant

Racketeer Tony Gazotti is thankful that lawyer Jackson Dumont helps him beat a murder rap, but Dumont just does it for the thrill of it and refuses payment. Dumont's defense of mobsters causes his firm to disown him and his girlfriend Sue to leave him. But when young Tom Siddell, Sue's new boyfriend, is framed for a murder, she is the first to come asking for Dumont's help. Dumont uses Gazotti's information network and the help of new girlfriend Gertie Waxted to find that rival gangster Jim Grelliman is involved in the framing of Siddell. When Dumont sends Gertie to Grelliman's apartment in a bid to blow open the case, she is walking on thin ice.

Kriminal eksperten Actors and Actresses

Kriminal eksperten actors and actresses include Mae Clarke, Myrna Loy, Warner Baxter

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