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Kritzi: The Little Goat(2003) Images

Kritzi: The Little Goat was released in the year 2003。

Anthony's dull office job leaves him in pain, longing for fresh mountain alpine air of Switzerland. His camp boss is driving him to distraction and London life leaves him dazed and confused. He thinks he's suffering, maybe from TB. He needs Fresh Air. Switzerland might be the answer. Then his old friend Rob Mem Ferda gets in touch. Rob is founder of a new company 0800Friend.com, which offers friends, and an answer to all sadness in the modern world. Rob offer Anthony a job in his new company saying that it's going to be huge. Anthony ponders his option in the crazy world of Soho, London. The chaos drives him mad. Then Rob comes to the rescue. He has a friend for him to meet. Unfortunately, things go somewhat wrong when Rob sends Anthony on a date with a rather weird work colleague of his William Tom Wontner. Anthony escapes his new friend and runs into a fantasy world of the Swiss Mountains, a beautiful Heidi, and the surreal and perpetually lost Kritzi......the little goat. Yet has Anthony now finally found happiness in his lost world?

Kritzi: The Little Goat Actors and Actresses

Kritzi: The Little Goat actors and actresses include James Macartney, Tom Wontner

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