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Kultapoika(1939) Images

Kultapoika was released in the year 1939。Kultapoika is also called as Golden Boy, Sueño dorado, Passione, Guldets magt, Conflitos de Duas Almas

Joe Bonaparte's father wants him to pursue his musical talent; but Joe wants to be a boxer. Persuading near-bankrupt manager Tom Moody to give him a chance, Joe quickly rises in his new profession. When he has second thoughts Moody's girl Lorna uses feminine wiles to keep him boxing. But when tough gangster Eddie Fuseli wants to "buy a piece" of Joe, Lorna herself begins to have second thoughts...for that and other reasons. Is it too late?

Kultapoika Actors and Actresses

Kultapoika actors and actresses include Adolphe Menjou, Barbara Stanwyck, Lee J. Cobb

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