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Kung och fyra damer(1956) Images

Kung och fyra damer was released in the year 1956。Kung och fyra damer is also called as The King and Four Queens, Roi et quatre reines, Rey para cuatro reinas, Re per quattro regine, Poker mit vier Damen, Kuningas ja 4 kuningatarta, Eventyreren, Heißer Süden

Smooth cowboy Dan Kehoe arrives at a ranch run by an old widow and her four daughters-in-law. He's been tipped off that the proceeds of a gold robbery are hidden on the ranch and only one of the women knows where. He plays them off against each other in his quest to discover the location.

Kung och fyra damer Actors and Actresses

Kung och fyra damer actors and actresses include Clark Gable, Jo Van Fleet

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