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la amante de Napoleón was released in the year 1954。la amante de Napoleón is also called as Desirée, o Amor de Napoleão

In Marseilles, France in 1794, Desiree Clary (Jean Simmons), a young millinery clerk, becomes infatuated with Napoleon Bonaparte (Marlon Brando), but winds up wedding Genaral Jean-Baptiste Berandotte (Michael Rennie), an aid to Napoleon who later joins the forces that bring about the Emperor's downfall. Josephine Beauharnais (Merle Oberon), a worldly courtesan marries Napoleon and becomes Empress of France, but is then cast aside by her spouse when she proves unable to produce an heir to the throne.

la amante de Napoleón Actors and Actresses

la amante de Napoleón actors and actresses include Marlon Brando, Merle Oberon

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