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Ladri di biciclette(1948) Images

Ladri di biciclette was released in the year 1948。Ladri di biciclette is also called as Ladrões de Bicicletas, Ladrões de Bicicleta, Ladrón de bicicletas, Fietsendief, Fahrraddiebe, Cykeltyven, Cykeltjuven, Bicycle Thieves, Voleur de bicyclette

Antonio Ricci, unemployed for over two years, is overjoyed when he's finally given a job putting up posters. There's a catch, though - he needs a bicycle as a requirement of the job, so he pawns the family linen to get a pawned bicycle back. He goes off to his first day's work, truly happy for the first time in years - and the title of the film gives away what happens next...

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