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Last Ride was released in the year 2004。

The film follows the last night of a gay college student's (Matthew) life as he struggles to find love on his own terms despite the warnings of his friends to blend in and conform. As they drive towards an unknown destination, Matt's friend and limo driver, Doc, tries to convince him not to go out tonight. Matt refuses to turn back despite the dangers and his first song, "I want to Find Out Tonight" follows Matt through a colorful musical fantasy of preparing for a night on the town during which he tells Doc about the lover of his dreams and vows to show the world who he really is inside. After a run-in with a group of four-wheeling adolescent hecklers, the self-proclaimed "fag patrol", Matt arrives at Mama's Place, a local watering hole, more determined than ever. His hopes of finding acceptance and possibly a chance at love seem dashed, however when he is openly scorned by the honky tonk's patrons. The bartender's tongue-in-cheek song "Take Your Shoes Off" expresses the derision of a culture which claims to accept everyone, but publicly spurns and ridicules those groups and individuals of whom it does not approve. As he prepares to leave, Matt sees the man of his dreams enter the bar. He finds the courage to go to him and they leave together. In his third and final song, Matt fantasizes that he is climbing a mountain in erotic tandem with this new lover. When they reach the top of the mountain together and the song is over, Matt realizes that he has been dreaming, and that he has actually been kidnapped by the man and his friend, and is rocketing towards his own death in the back of their pick-up truck.

Last Ride Actors and Actresses

Last Ride actors and actresses include Carey Sherrell, Manda McKay

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