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Lawrence of Arabia was released in the year 1962。Lawrence of Arabia is also called as Lawrence af Arabien, Lawrence Ish Arav, Arabian Lawrence, Arábiai Lawrence, Lawrence da Arábia, Lawrence d'Arabie, Lawrence av Arabien, Lawrence de Arabia

An inordinately complex man who has been labeled everything from hero, to charlatan, to sadist, Thomas Edward Lawrence blazed his way to glory in the Arabian desert, then sought anonymity as a common soldier under an assumed name. The story opens with the death of Lawrence in a motorcycle accident in London at the age of 47, then flashbacks to recount his adventures: as a young intelligence officer in Cairo in 1916, he is given leave to investigate the progress of the Arab revolt against the Turks in World War I. In the desert, he organizes a guerrilla army and--for two years--leads the Arabs in harassing the Turks with desert raids, train-wrecking and camel attacks. Eventually, he leads his army northward and helps a British General destroy the power of the Ottoman Empire.

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