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Legion of the Damned(1951) Images

Legion of the Damned was released in the year 1951。Legion of the Damned is also called as Decision Before Dawn, Legioen der gedoemden, Légion des damnés, Förrädare, Decisión al amanecer, Dannati, Afgørelse ved daggry, Entscheidung vor Morgengrauen

WWII is entering its last phase: Germany is in ruins, but does not yield. The US army lacks crucial knowledge about the German units operating on the opposite side of the Rhine, and decides to send two German prisoners to gather information. The scheme is risky: the Gestapo retains a terribly efficient network to identify and capture spies and deserters. Moreover, it is not clear that "Tiger", who does not mind any dirty work as long as the price is right, and war-weary "Happy", who might be easily betrayed by his feelings, are dependable agents. After Tiger and another American agent are successfully infiltrated, Happy is parachuted in Bavaria. His duty: find out the whereabouts of a powerful German armored unit moving towards the western front.

Legion of the Damned Actors and Actresses

Legion of the Damned actors and actresses include Oskar Werner, Richard Basehart

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