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Lemming was released in the year 2005。

Bénédicte and Alain Getty are a young modern couple living in the suburbs of Toulouse. They have just settled in, and Bénédicte is still unemployed, while Alain works in a wealthy computer company as an engineer, designing a revolutionary "flying web-cam" prototype. One night, Alain and Bénédicte invite Alain's boss, Richard Pollock, and his wife Alice, over to dinner. But Alice acts weirdly from the very beginning, then violently disrupts the dinner, forcing Richard and her to leave the house in a rush. A few hours earlier, Alain had found what happened to be a half-dead lemming, stuck in the kitchen sink pipe. The next day, Alice, pretending to look for her husband, visits Alain in his office, and, after having told him she wants her husband dead on the account that he once tried to murder her, she openly seduces Alain. Alain doesn't really try to resist her... until he finally does. A few days later, Alice comes back, on her own, to the Gettys house, asking for an apology to Bénédicte about the dinner, but also telling her what almost happened with Alain. Bénédicte tries to ignore what she just heard, and offers Alice a cup of coffee, then, even though she is bedazzled by such a request, lets her have a rest in their spare bedroom. In the evening, when Alain comes back home from work, Alice is still sleeping. But when she eventually wakes up, she gets in a sudden rage, locks herself up in the room and commits suicide. From this moment on, nothing will be the same anymore for Alain, who will go through a drastic intimate journey, while Bénédicte makes an even odder trip...

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