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Leone per la strada(1953) Images

Leone per la strada was released in the year 1953。Leone per la strada is also called as A Lion Is in the Streets, León en las calles, A Fera, A Feiticeira do Havai

Colorful bayou peddler Hank Martin marries pretty teacher Verity, who finds that the rural poor all love Hank. Gradually, she realizes that Hank's popularity is the fruit of his expert manipulation of everyone he knows. She's further taken aback when she meets sexy swamp girl Flamingo, who considered Hank hers and is murderously jealous. Now Hank starts crusading against a crooked cotton buyer, and swiftly rises toward political power. Is there no stopping him?

Leone per la strada Actors and Actresses

Leone per la strada actors and actresses include James Cagney, Lon Chaney Jr.

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