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Levity was released in the year 2003。Levity is also called as 5º Passo

The film philosophical approach at redemption. The protagonist Manual Jordan (Billy Bob Thorton) has gotten parole from a life sentence for the murder of Abner Easley, and returns to the city he lived in to try to seek redemption. He ends up living and working at a community house run by a preacher, Miles Evans (Morgan Freeman.) The film is equipped with beautiful voice-overs about the meaning of life and different philosophies for getting redemed. Manual also becomes friends with Idel Easley (Holly Hunter), his victims sister, in an attempt to make up for what he did. While working at the home he has interactions with Sophia Mellinger (Kirsten Dunst), the druggie daughter of a famous singer, struggling with the lack of adult guidance in her life. This quirky film, is asthetically beautiful. Stellar performaces by Thorton, Holly hunter, Morgan Freeman, and Kirsten Dunst.

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