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Lika barn leka bäst(1941) Images

Lika barn leka bäst was released in the year 1941。Lika barn leka bäst is also called as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Meu Marido É Solteiro, Matrimonio original, Matrimoni original, Mar V'Geveret Smith, Lige børn leger bedst, Joies matrimoniales, Herra ja rouva Smith, Mr. und Mrs. Smith

Sophisticated New York couple David and Annie Smith have an unusual marriage with an inordinate number of rules and regulations. One rule entitles them to ask each other one question per month which the other must answer completely honestly. Annie asks David if he would marry her again if he could have the time over again and David confides that he misses his freedom and so probably wouldn't. Later that day, an official from the town where they got married calls to see David. He explains that owing to a state boundary dispute, all couples married between 1936 and 1939 in the county were not legally married. David decides to have fun with this fact, but unbeknown to him, the county official calls to see Annie too and disaster results.

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