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Lost in Transportation was released in the year 2005。

Meet Fred and Joe, two shlubs with lots of baggage. Toiling in the lost luggage claims department of BWI International Airport is not as glamorous as it might sound. Supervisor Fred dispatches lackey Joe Schlepp to return the misplaced bags, and disgruntled passengers always seem to hold Schlepp personally responsible for losing their gear. Slogging through another terminal day at the airport, a chance encounter with B-List beauty queen Miss Randallstown puts Joe on cloud 9. But life back on the road takes its toll as Schlepp faces verbal slings, slammed doors, and delivery drudgery at every turn. Questioning his ability to carry on, a mental tailspin seems imminent, but an epiphany from the Goddess of Lost Luggage propels Joe Schlepp toward a surprise destination.

Lost in Transportation Actors and Actresses

Lost in Transportation actors and actresses include Joy Haynes

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