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Luci del varietà was released in the year 1950。Luci del varietà is also called as Variety Lights, Varieteen valot, Rampljusens barn, Luces del varieté, Lights of Variety, Lichter des Varieté, Feux du music-hall

When a young woman of beauty and talent joins a provincial vaudeville troupe, they're suddenly playing to packed houses, and their aging comic Checco Dalmonte gets big ideas. He falls in love with the ingenue, Liliana, and ignores his companion of several years, Melina Amour. (She wants to marry Checco and she's saving to open a deli.) Also, believing he can be an impresario, he hires other actors and begins rehearsal for a revue that will star Liliana and himself. Liliana admires Checco, but she's being squired around town by Adelmo Conti, the assistant to the region's biggest impresario. Can Checco's new troupe hold onto Liliana, and how will Melina fare?

Luci del varietà Actors and Actresses

Luci del varietà actors and actresses include Giulietta Masina

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