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Lucky Me was released in the year 1954。Lucky Me is also called as Syv - ni - tretten, Pizzico di fortuna, Onnen myyrä, Blonde Glück

Candy Williams is a struggling performer in a musical troupe, headed by Hap Schneider. Unfortunately, the troupe has fallen on hard times, forcing the members to get jobs cleaning hotel rooms. This all changes when one day Candy catches the eye of celebrity song writer, Dick Carson. Candy has no idea who he is, but, the rest of the troupe, especially Schneider, believes this is their lucky break. When Candy realizes who he really is, she's furious because he deceived her. By this time, Dick has "fallen head over heels" for Candy - this could be a problem, since he is currently dating another girl, Lorainne, the daughter of an oil tycoon. Dick secretly sits through one of Candy's performances, and is impressed, giving him a brilliant idea - Candy could perform the songs from the musical he has been preparing, and which he hopes Lorainne's father will finance. However, this is not going to be easy, since Lorainne has become very jealous, especially, when it comes to Candy getting closer to Dick.

Lucky Me Actors and Actresses

Lucky Me actors and actresses include Angie Dickinson, Hayden Rorke, Martha Hyer, Phil Silvers

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