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Lugar muy lejano was released in the year 1993。Lugar muy lejano is also called as A Far Off Place, Spur des Windes - Das letzte große Abenteuer, Matka aavikon halki, Kalahari, Fjernt fra verden, A far off place - äventyret i Kalahariöknen, Äventyr i Kalahariöknen

The witty Nonni and the stuck-up city-boy Harry are the only ones to survive a massacre of a gang of poachers among the gamekeeper's family on his lonesome farm in the savanna. Now the ruthless murderers are after them as the only witnesses. Without a means of transportation, the only way to escape is to walk through 2000 kilometers of Kalahari desert with the help of the African bushman Xhabbo. On the months-long journey ahead they not only become good friends against their differences, but also realize that every one of them has strength and skills that are required to survive.

Lugar muy lejano Actors and Actresses

Lugar muy lejano actors and actresses include Maximilian Schell, Reese Witherspoon

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