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Luxus was released in the year 1989。Luxus is also called as Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, Scene di lotta di classe a Beverly Hills, Sex und Lotterleben, Lösaktiga affärer, Kohtauksia luokkataistelusta Beverly Hillsissä, Escenas de la lucha de sexos en Beverly Hills

A divorcee (Mary Woronov), whose house is being fumigated, temporarily moves in with a friend (Jacqueline Bissett), whose husband has recently passed away. Meanwhile two of the workmen (Robert Beltran, Ray Sharkey) make a bet that they can bed the women and the games are on. Mixed into the mess of filthy rich individuals are Woronov's ex (Wallace Shawn), her script-writer brother (Ed Begley, Jr.), his new African-American wife (Arnetia Walker), Bissett's precocious daughter (Rebecca Scheffer), and the ghost of Bissett's husband (Paul Mazursky). The film offers a satire on the social, racial, and hedonistic lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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