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MacGuffin(2006) Images

MacGuffin was released in the year 2006。

Philip Marlow is the apotheosis of the cynical private detective: laconic ex-cop, six-feet of iron man, steely glare in a cheap suit. 'Trouble is my business,' says Marlow, whose latest business arrives in the form of a femme-fatale loaded with money and sin. When Helen Dabney hires him to retrieve a stolen coin, Marlow ends up in the cross-hairs of crooked cops and a homicidal collector. Inspired by the fiction of Raymond Chandler, MacGuffin is a film-noir that poses one big question: How much do you know about numismatics?

MacGuffin Actors and Actresses

MacGuffin actors and actresses include Chad Ridgely, Kelli Biggs, Richard Cutting, Steve Beall

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