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Man of La Mancha(1972) Images

Man of La Mancha was released in the year 1972。Man of La Mancha is also called as Uomo della Mancha, Mannen från La Mancha, Mann von La Mancha, La Mancha lovagja, Homem de la Mancha, Don Quijote - mies La Manchasta, Hombre de La Mancha

This musical version of Don Quixote is framed by an incident allegedly from the life of its author, Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote is the mad, aging nobleman who embarrasses his respectable family by his adventures. Backed by his faithful sidekick Sancho Panza, he duels windmills and defends his perfect lady Dulcinea (who is actually a downtrodden whore named Aldonza).

Man of La Mancha Actors and Actresses

Man of La Mancha actors and actresses include Brian Blessed, James Coco, Sophia Loren

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