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Man of the West(1958) Images

Man of the West was released in the year 1958。Man of the West is also called as Mies lännestä, Mannen från västern, Manden fra Vesten, Ish Ha-Marav, Homme de l'Ouest, Homem do Oeste, Hombre del Oeste, Dove la terra scotta, Mann aus dem Westen

On his way to hire a schoolteacher, a homesteader is left a hundred miles from anywhere when the train he is on is robbed. With him are an attractive dancehall girl and an untrustworthy gambler and he decides to get shelter nearby from outlaw relatives he used to run with. They don't trust him and he loathes them but they decide he can help them with one last bank job.

Man of the West Actors and Actresses

Man of the West actors and actresses include Julie London, Lee J. Cobb

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