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Månen(1979) Images

Månen was released in the year 1979。Månen is also called as Luna, La, Kuu, Bertoluccin kuu, Luna

Recently widowed American opera diva Caterina takes her teenaged son Joe with her on a long singing tour to Italy. Absorbed in her hectic work in various Verdi operas around Rome, Caterina is soon shocked to discover that her troubled and lonely son has become a heroin addict. Her desperate attempts to wean the youth off the drug result in an incestuous relationship, but also in a possibility to reunite Joe--maybe even herself--with his real father, whose existence she has kept a secret from him.

Månen Actors and Actresses

Månen actors and actresses include Alida Valli, Fred Gwynne, Jill Clayburgh, Roberto Benigni

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