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Married to the Mob was released in the year 1988。Married to the Mob is also called as Manzels, Mafiosi-Braut, Keresztanya, Gift med maffian, Gangsterns flamma, Gangsterin heila, De Caso com a Máfia, Cu mafia pe urme, Casada con todos, mais pas trop..., Veuve

Angela deMarco is unhappily married to high Mafia member Frank deMarco. When Frank is killed, Angela takes the opportunity to break free of the Mafia world entirely and start a new life. But Frank's boss, Tony Russo, begins to court the unresponsive Angela. The FBI begins surveillance on her, thinking her to be his new mistress. FBI agent Mike Downey goes undercover as Angela's neighbor, but soon finds himself attracted to Angela himself.

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