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Matador(1950) Images

Matador was released in the year 1950。Matador is also called as The Gunfighter, Homme au révolver, Hämndens timme, Fiebre de sangre, Farligt rygte, Cible humaine, Ase kädessä, Scharfschütze, Scharfschütze Jimmy Ringo

Aging gunslinger, Jimmy Ringo, rides into a strange town where he's immediately recognized. As kids gather at the saloon windows to glimpse the killer and townsfolk gossip about his exploits, the town marshal tries to keep the peace. He wants Ringo out of town, but Ringo asks for a few hours' grace to see his sweetheart, whom he hasn't seen in more than eight years, and their son, whom he's never seen. Meanwhile, three angry cowboys are on his trail and the town's young hothead is scheming to see just how fast Jimmy is. Ringo wants to be left alone, to live with his family, maybe on a small ranch away from his reputation. But can he escape that reputation and find peace?

Matador Actors and Actresses

Matador actors and actresses include Alan Hale Jr., Gregory Peck, Karl Malden, Mae Marsh

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