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Mavri trypa sto diastima was released in the year 1979。Mavri trypa sto diastima is also called as The Black Hole, Schwarze Loch, Musta aukko, Mavri trypa, Czarna dziura, Buraco Negro, Buco nero, Agujero negro, Abismo Negro

The crew of the spaceship Palamino stumbles across the ''lost'' ship U.S.S. Cygnus, hovering on the edge of an immense black hole. Once aboard, they find the ship is manned by robots - it's only human inhabitant, one Dr. Hans Reinhardt; an eminent scientist, missing for the past twenty years. His plan - to enter the Black Hole . . . Whether Dr. Reinhardt is a genius or a mad-man, one thing is for sure, he will not be denied his life's dream. What lies beyond the Black Hole? Immortality . . . or, Oblivion . . . ?

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