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Med kurs mot jorden(1981) Images

Med kurs mot jorden was released in the year 1981。Med kurs mot jorden is also called as Earthbound, Endstation Planet Erde, Pakkolasku avaruudesta, Prigionieri della Terra

Originally meant to be the pilot for a hopeful new TV series, meant to follow the adventures of a family of aliens trapped on Earth, and the two Earthlings they live with. This pilot opens with a boy and his grandfather struggling to keep their hotel in business. When a UFO passes over the town and crashes nearby, the pair decide to stay home while the rest of the townspeople go investigate. Shortly afterwards, an alien family staggers out of the woods asking for protection from both the mob of civillians and the government agents searching for them. Granddad and grandson agree, disguising the aliens as humans and teaching them how to blend in on Earth.

Med kurs mot jorden Actors and Actresses

Med kurs mot jorden actors and actresses include Burl Ives, Meredith MacRae, Stuart Pankin

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