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Men of Boys Town(1941) Images

Men of Boys Town was released in the year 1941。Men of Boys Town is also called as Uomini della città dei ragazzi, jota sydän ohjasi, Mies, Männen i pojkstaden, Ciudad de los muchachos, Das sind Kerle

Mr. and Mrs. Maitland give crippled Ted a dog and offer to provide him with an operation but they adopt Whitey. Whitey tries to visit a friend in reform school and inmate Flip is hiding in car as Whitey leaves. Flip steals money and both boys go to reform school. Father Flanagan exposes the conditions in the school and the boys are released to him. Ted's dog is killed but Ted can walk. The Maitlands pay off the debts threatening Boys Town.

Men of Boys Town Actors and Actresses

Men of Boys Town actors and actresses include Anne Revere, Lee J. Cobb, Spencer Tracy

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