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Mépris, Le(1963) Images

Mépris, Le was released in the year 1963。Mépris, Le is also called as Disprezzo, Contempt, Desprezo, Desprecio, Verachtung, Sen täytyi tapahtua, Föraktet, Keskipäivän aave

Paul Javal, a writer, is hired to work out a script for the new movie about Ulisses, directed by Fritz Lang and produced by Prokosch. Because he let his wife Camille drive with Prokosch, and he is late, she belives, that he uses her as a sort of "present" for Prokosch to get get a better payment. So the relation breaks up.

Mépris, Le Actors and Actresses

Mépris, Le actors and actresses include Brigitte Bardot, Jack Palance, Michel Piccoli

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