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Miller's Crossing was released in the year 1990。Miller's Crossing is also called as Ajuste Final, Crocevia della morte, De paseo a la muerte, A Halál keresztútján, Muerte entre las flores, Razboi în sânul mafiei, Sciezka strachu, História de Gangsters

A highly styled 'genre' film which can perhaps be seen as a pastiche of all gangster movies. Tom Reagan is the laconic anti-hero of this amoral tale which is also, paradoxically, a look at morals within the criminal underworld of the 1930s. Two rival gangs vie for control of a city where the police are pawns, and the periodic busts of illicit drinking establishments are no more than a way for one gang to get back at the other. Black humour and shocking violence compete for screen time as we question whether or not Tom, right-hand man of the Irish mob leader, really has a heart.

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