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Millón en un cadáver was released in the year 1967。Millón en un cadáver is also called as The Busy Body, Ruumis karkuteillä

In a role tailored for Jerry Lewis and Don Knotts, Sid Caesar plays a bumbling gopher to mob boss Robert Ryan who discovers a large theft of mob money. His bookkeeper (Bill Dana) is killed shortly before he can reveal the thief. When the discovery is made, Ryan suspects Caesar as the culprit, and probable murderer of Dana. Caesar spends the rest of the movie trying to find the real killer and a corpse buried in a suit lined with the stolen money. Lots of comic guest stars including Anne Baxter, Richard Pryor, Kay Medford, Jan Murray, Dom Deluise, Ben Blue, Godfrey Cambridge, Marty Ingels, George Jessel and Arlene Golonka. According to producer/director William Castle, he even gave Sonny and Cher cameos in the film (although I have yet to spot them). Followed by another Caesar/Castle comedy "The Spirit is Willing."

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