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Mis en boîte(2002) Images

Mis en boîte was released in the year 2002。Mis en boîte is also called as The Burial Society, Descanse em Paz

In The Burial Society, Sheldon Kasner, an unlikely criminal who works as a bank loan manager, infiltrates the mysterious world of the Chevrah Kadisha (the Jewish society that prepares bodies for burial according to ancient ritual) in order to steal a body and fake his own death after mobsters come after him looking for two million dollars that he is accused of having stolen. Having sought and found refuge within this ancient religious society, Sheldon finds himself captivated by this unusual and powerful world and the three old men who run it.

Mis en boîte Actors and Actresses

Mis en boîte actors and actresses include Allan Rich, Bill Mondy, David Paymer, Seymour Cassel

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