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Mixing Karma was released in the year 2004。Mixing Karma is also called as American Raj

MIXING KARMA, based on the director's life, follows the journey of two 10 year old friends from opposite sides of the world: Ryan, American, and Raj, Indian. Right from childhood they are destined for different paths: Ryan for art and passion and Raj for business and money. Escaping his oppressive father, Ryan is drawn to the warmth of Raj's family and practically becomes a second son. Fifteen years later, Ryan, now 25, struggles to find his voice as an artist and keeps getting rejected by galleries as he tries to get a show. Raj pressured by his father, Ram, joins the family business and forgets his dream of being a pilot. While Ram arranges for Priya, Raj's exotic sister, to marry a "well-settled Indian boy", Priya, is busy flirting with Ryan and determined to marry for love. Conflicts arise when Ram discovers his beloved daughter falling in love with the struggling artist, and Raj dating a Gori (white girl) which sets off a dramatic confrontation that leaves all relationships at risk.

Mixing Karma Actors and Actresses

Mixing Karma actors and actresses include Javin Reid, Jay Harik, Shazia

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