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Murhasiivous Oy was released in the year 1996。Murhasiivous Oy is also called as Curdled, Obsesionada con el crimen, Que Nós Limpamos o Sangue, Mata, Eles Matam e Nós Limpamos, Curdled - Der Wahnsinn hat viele Gesichter, Curdled - Der Wahnsinn, Bloody Mess, Sang-froid

Gabriella, a Columbian immigrant, is obsessed with understanding violent crime. The current string of murders by "The Blue Blood Killer" of affluent Miami socialites provides her with fodder for her scrapbook of death. She lands a job with a post-murder cleaning service and during a Blue-Blood clean-up job, discovers evidence that police have overlooked.

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