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My Bloody Valentine(1981) Images

My Bloody Valentine was released in the year 1981。My Bloody Valentine is also called as Verinen Valentine, The Secret, San Valentín sangriento, Moja krwawa walentyna, Meurtres à la St-Valentin, Giorno di San Valentino, Carnaval Sangrento, Blutiger Valentinstag

There's a big valentine-party planned in the little miningtown Valentine's Bluff. It is the first valentine party in 20 years, because then there was an accident in the mine, and the accident happened because the men responsible for the security was at the party. The sole surviving miner killed them, and told the town NEVER to arrange a valentine party again. The party begins, and so does the killing...

My Bloody Valentine Actors and Actresses

My Bloody Valentine actors and actresses include Helene Udy, John MacDonald, Lori Hallier

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