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Närrische Frauen(1922) Images

Närrische Frauen was released in the year 1922。Närrische Frauen is also called as Foolish Wives, Tolle Weiber, Törichte Frauen, Närrische Weiber, Järjettömiä naisia, Hupsut vaimot, Folies de femmes, Femmine folli, Esposas frívolas, Esposas Levianas

"Count" Karanzim, a Don Juan is with his cousins in Monte Carlo, living from faked money and the money he gets from rich ladies, who are atracted by his charmes and his title or his militaric aristocratic behaviour. He tries to have sucess by Mrs Hughes, the wige of the new US ambassador, but he has bad luck. Finally the whole story blows up and he gets killed and his body is threwn in the canalistaion.

Närrische Frauen Actors and Actresses

Närrische Frauen actors and actresses include Erich von Stroheim

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