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National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze was released in the year 2003。

Dorm Daze unfolds during a crazy afternoon at a university co-ed dormitory in the days before Christmas break when one of the students, Styles McFee (Patrick Renna), hires a prostitute named Dominique (Boti Bliss) for his unwitting brother, Booker (Chris Owen), to lose his virginity. But Booker prefers to loose his virginity to his long-term sweetheart Rachel (Gable Carr) just down the hall. Meanwhile, another student, named Wang (Paul H. Kim), awaits the arrival of a French foreign exchange student, who speaks little English, also named Dominique (Marie Nicolle Marquis). Farcical wackiness ensues as a series of mistaken identities and mishaps escalate into monumental proportions starting when Wang leaves for work, Dominique the Student arrives and is mistaken for the prositute by Styles, while Dominique the Hooker is mistaken for the student by others including the two dorm gossip queens Lynn (Jennifer Lyons) and Marla (Danielle Fischel). Other characters involve Adrienne (Cameron Richardson), who is targeted by the dorm geek, Newmar (Tony Denman), with whom they had a drunken fling the night before. Adrienne tries to find a missing handbag belonging to her friend, Claire (Tatyana Ali), who is having boyfriend troubles with Tony (Edwin Hodge). Adrienne's roommate, Gerri (Mariah Delfino), inadvertently gets her hands on another handbag similar looking to Claire's which is filled with $30,000 in cash. Gerri is soon mistaken for a shadowy hitwoman, named Britany the Snake, by a local gangster named Lorenzo (Courtney Gains). Elsewhere, Pete's (Patrick Cavanaugh) punk friend Cliff (Jamed DeBello) enters the dorm when Pete has to go to work. Cliff soon teams up with Dominique the Hooker to find the missing handbag with the cash while the token gay student Foosball (Randy Spelling) works his way through all the plots of this collegiate comedy of Shakespearean proportions.

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