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Never Let Me Go(1953) Images

Never Let Me Go was released in the year 1953。Never Let Me Go is also called as Arrivò l'alba, Det började i Moskva, En jätä sinua koskaan, Ne me quitte jamais, No me abandones, Es begann in Moskau, Det begyndte i Moskva

Philip Sutherland (Clark Gable) is an American news writer stationed in Moscow since the war; while there he falls for a Russian ballet dancer, Marva Lamarkins (Gene Tierney), who, he finds out, learned English because she fell in love with him. They marry, only to find that the Soviet nation which gladly collaborated with the Allies against Hitler has become a paranoid police state in peacetime. Sutherland is forced to leave without Marva, but he's determined to get her back, whether it be through proper channels, or through dangerously improper ones.

Never Let Me Go Actors and Actresses

Never Let Me Go actors and actresses include Clark Gable, Gene Tierney, Theodore Bikel

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