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Nickelodeon(1976) Images

Nickelodeon was released in the year 1976。Nickelodeon is also called as Viiden pennin leffa, Vendedor de ilusiones, Vendedor de Sonhos, nu blommar det, Klapperschlangen beißen nicht

This homage to the childhood days of the motion pictures starts in 1910, when the young attorney Leo Harrigan by chance meets a motion picture producer. Immediately he's invited to become a writer for him - the start of a sensational career. Soon he's promoted to a director and shoots one silent movie after the other in the tiny desert village Cacamonga with a small crew of actors. But the competition is hard: the patent agency sends out Buck Greenway to sabotage them. When they visit L.A., his crew is surprised by a new species: fans!

Nickelodeon Actors and Actresses

Nickelodeon actors and actresses include Jeffrey Byron, John Ritter, Ryan O'Neal, Tatum O'Neal

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