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Night on Earth was released in the year 1991。Night on Earth is also called as LANewYorkParisRomeHelsinki, Noc na zemi, Noc na zemlji, Éjszaka a földön, Noche en la tierra, Noite na Terra, Tassisti di notte, Noc na ziemi

A collection of five stories involving cab drivers in five different cities. Los Angeles - A talent agent for the movies discovers her cab driver would be perfect to cast, but the cabbie is reluctant to give up her solid cab driver's career. New York - An immigrant cab driver is continually lost in a city and culture he doesn't understand. Paris - A blind girl takes a ride with a cab driver from the Ivory Coast and they talk about life and blindness. Rome - A gregarious cabbie picks up an ailing man and virtually talks him to death. Helsinki - an industrial worker gets laid off and he and his compatriots discuss the bleakness and unfairness of love and life and death.

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