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Night Shadwos was released in the year 2006。Night Shadwos is also called as Aux frontières de la nuit

A 24 hour in the lives of five characters, none of whom fit into Geneva's postcard image as a city of privilege. Linked by two cops' night patrol, the audience meets different faces of immigration and social exclusion: Ad? a young Malian who dreams of becoming a famous soccer star, but has to work illegally for now. Momo, who has abandoned his studies to become a garbage collector in order to support his relatives in Algeria, but cannot bring himself to tell them the truth about his new life. And then there is Claire, a young Swiss woman, lost and erring in the night. Claire has lost control of her life, annihilated by drugs. A harsh, yet not hopeless chronicle, where locals and foreigners' encounters with each other may transform their destinies. A reflection on fragile human relationships in our troubling and troubled times.

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