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No Man's Land was released in the year 2001。No Man's Land is also called as Terra de Ningu&#233, Shetah Hefker, Senkiföldje, Nikogarsnja zemlja, Nicija zemlja, Ingenmansland, Ingenmandsland, En tierra de nadie, Ei kenenkään maa, Último día

After various skirmishes, two wounded soldiers, one Bosnian and one Serb, confront each other in a trench in the no man's land between their lines. They wait for dark, trading insults and even finding some common ground; sometimes one has the gun, sometimes the other, sometimes both. Things get complicated when another wounded Bosnian comes to, but can't move because a bouncing mine is beneath him. The two men cooperate to wave white flags, their lines call the UN (whose high command tries not to help), an English reporter shows up, a French sergeant shows courage, and the three men in no man's land may or may not find a way to all get along.

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