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No Panic - Gute Ge was released in the year 1994。No Panic - Gute Ge is also called as The Ref, Ésto (no) es un atraco, Ésto (no) es un secuestro, Absolut gisslan, Bossen, Árbitro, Hostile Hostages, Isto (Não) É Um Rapto, C'eravamo tanto odiati

Denis Leary plays an unfortunate cat burglar, who is abandonded by his partner in the middle of a heist, and is forced to take an irritating Connecticut couple (Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis) hostage. He soon finds that he took more than he bargained for when the couple's blackmailing son and despicable in-laws step into the picture. Before long they're driving him nuts with their petty bickering and family problems. The only way for him to survive is to be their referee and resolve their differences, before he can be nabbed by the police.

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