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Noir et blanc was released in the year 1986。Noir et blanc is also called as Schwarz und Weiß

Antoine is an accountant, uptight and withdrawn, married to Edith, who picks out his clothes and shoes. He's assigned to a fitness gymnasium for a month to straighten out their books. The owner, M. Roland, encourages Antoine to use the facilities, including the massages, so Antoine goes to Dominique, a muscular African. In these sessions, Antoine discovers that the pain is comforting, and Dominique finds the accountant ideal for his own sadism. When Dominique breaks Antoine's arm and then goes to the hospital to take Antoine away, Antoine confesses his fascination with and fear of death. With Dominique's help, the accountant breaks all earthly ties to confront his fear.

Noir et blanc Actors and Actresses

Noir et blanc actors and actresses include Isaach De Bankolé

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