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Noises Off! - Der nackte Wahnsinn was released in the year 1992。Noises Off! - Der nackte Wahnsinn is also called as Noises Off..., Rumori fuori, Noises Off!, Maailman kipein komedia, Kaos i kulissen, Impróprio Para Menores, Bruits de coulisses, Apanhados no Acto, ¡Qué ruina de función!

Lloyd Fellowes is the director of a theatre company. He's desperately trying to get his production together, despite the best efforts of the cast, the crew, and Lady Luck. We follow the production from final rehersals, through opening night, and onto the tour: as with any group of actors forced to work closely together for any great length of time, romances and arguments are bound to break out. Quite often, what's happening on stage is nothing compared to what's happening backstage....

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